Issue Brief:
The loss of health care jobs across the state

Healthcare is the third largest employer in NY State, providing jobs for 1.3 million people. Hospitals and nursing homes employ a wide range of workers that span all racial and ethnic groups at virtually all levels of skill. Healthcare is an important source of entry level employment that provides jobs for immigrants and people who come from disadvantaged communities.”

In 2009, the rate of hospital layoffs more than doubled from the previous year.  And according to an industry survey, in the past year, 30% of nursing homes have been forced to lay off staff. These layoff threaten providers’ ability to deliver the highest quality services in a timely way—something all patients deserve.

In these difficult economic times, healthcare employment serves as one of the last remaining avenues to the achievement of economic stability for working class New Yorkers. Moreover, our population is growing both larger and older, so we will need more healthcare workers, not fewer! It would be dangerously shortsighted to further jeopardize our state’s healthcare facilities by cutting funding and prompting additional layoffs. It is critical that our leaders in Albany preserve funding for healthcare.